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Collaboration Work

Mural Project Sutro Elementary

Participatory Project with muralist Dave Young Kim to paint a mural that reflects heritage of the student population. Included young students attending the school.


Commodity Production Activity, Social Practice Project, Mills College

A social practice project to test out neuroplasticity as applied to commodity fetishism. Unfortunately, Stanford Prison Experiment type behaviors emerged within the first 10 minutes, and the project was halted after 20 minutes.IMG_3790IMG_3791

Stretching Our Imaginations, Chabot Elementary.

A workshop to stretch out ideas about drawing in the 21st century.

Stretch Project

Art Agency, Social Practice Project, Golden Gate Park.

A social practice workshop to engage with the public regarding the monetization of value in art education.


Gleaners, Collaborative Project, Albany Bulb

A project to test the relationship of travel, behavior, and commodity.


Collaborative Ideation, College of Marin

A series of classroom lessons to test quantity and quality of ideation.



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