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Drawing Experiment #6: Thought Exchange : : Drypoint Experiment

Banksy: “It shouldn’t take longer to make a piece of art than it does to look at it”.¬† Should it? Could this be true, partially true?

Masticate on this and other possibilities. Then record your results  below and you will receive your choice of either a special pencil or a print (first ten responses) (include a mailing address in your reply).


Experiment #6 Instructions:

  • Take a look at these photos for a few seconds.
  • Take the same amount of time to write down one thought. (Better if this thought is not about the photos directly).
  • Reply below and confirm you executed the experiment. Include the time spent. Include a mailing address and let me know whether you’d like a pencil (with special powers) or a print (first ten responders).

Take a look at the photos below showing the process of making a drypoint: view => sketch => copperplate scraped into => print.

The answer to that niggling question: takes about 60 seconds, post-plate, to ink and press each print.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Drawing Experiment #6! All lab results are now in, pencils and prints delivered This drawing experiment is now complete. If you missed the experiment, just keep on the lookout for the next one, which will be next month!

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