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Drawing Experiment #12: Love Thy Enemy

Just a guy with a dream

Maybe you thought that was tripe: love thy enemy.  But what an idea.  How do you do that anyway? In this experiment you can give it a try.  Who have you bothered to hate lately? So that’s Experiment #12: Love Thy Enemy. Masticate on this  saying  for awhile, then make a response.

Making something might mean making amends.  Making an apology.  An act of forgiveness.  Let’s posit for a moment,  a recent previous president.  Maybe he was just a guy with a dream.   Yes.  A lot of people died at the time.  And a lot of people suffered.  No doubt he contributed to that–but wasn’t the sole cause. It would’ve just taken a few of the right actions to stop him.  So — no.  He didn’t do it all by himself.

Try it on this way: say you ask one of these religious teachers, “I waste a lot of time hating George — any way to get over that?”.  And then the religious teachers tells you: “Kid.  We are all George.  No, I don’t mean like George — I mean we are George.  ”  So, you chew on that for several years.  Maybe now you’re ready to put yourself in George’s shoes.  just for a couple of minutes.

So that’s the experiment.  Maybe you already have an obvious and ready answer. Upload under “Participate” on the right — if you want!

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