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Dice Drawing (Collaborative Performance Piece)

Dice Drawing (Collaborative Performance Piece)

These drawings were published in 580 Split, a West Coast literary magazine. The drawings were produced by a group of 12 different artists making a few marks each, from each author’s photo and bio.

1. Throw Dice
2. Multiply #’s
3. Draw that number of marks for each picture.

feel free to draw over the previous person’s marks
read bios if you want
more fun if you do with a buddy

Thank you.
Yours Truly,

Exif Data

    Date Taken: 28-Jan-2013 12:16:48Copyright: Credit: Title: Dice Drawing (Collaborative Performance Piece)Caption: Camera: Canon PowerShot ELPH 100 HSFocal Length: 5mmAperture: f/2.8ISO: 100

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