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Drawing Experiment #1 Script

In advance: make papers with a word or note on 1 side, and a number on the other, enough for each person. Have a very large piece of paper or other surface to draw on. Put papers and drawing instruments in bags.

Set lighting low. Put out the materials:
Numbered notes
Large drawing paper (or other drawing surface) ready
Flashlight or other small light.

Give script and bag of notes to narrator and ask them to read instructions – no acting necessary, just read. If you’re doing this with young children, remind them there’s no talking during this exercise.

Narrator: (Has bag of notes) (Waits for everyone to assemble then reads). I am the narrator. In this experiment, only the narrator speaks.

Narrator: Please pair off.
Like a bride and groom.
Or like a prisoner and guard.
Or like a pitcher and catcher

(Narrator holds out the bag of papers)
Narrator: Please pick a paper out of this bag and read it to yourself. Please note the number on one side of the paper

Narrator: One partner, please take a blindfold from the table and blindfold your partner. You’ll be the guide.

Narrator: Now the guide offers the paper bag to the partner, and the partner takes out an item.

Narrator: Now the guide brings the blindfolded person to the paper on the wall. You are anticipating something, possibly lucky, possibly dangerous, or both.
Like a bride and groom approaching the altar.
Or like a prisoner and guard approaching the prison yard.
Or like a pitcher and catcher approaching the field.

Narrator: Now the blindfolded person switches the item to their non-writing hand.

Now with the guide’s assistance, the blindfolded person uses the number on the paper, and uses the item to alter the paper, mark it, touch it, change it.

(Pause until all marks are finished.)
Narrator: The guide now removes the blindfold. The original blindfolded partner passes their instrument to the guide and this person becomes the new guide.

The new guide guides their partner back to the paper.

Narrator: The partner puts the instrument in their non-writing hand and with the light of flashlight uses the marking instrument over the drawing, to mark it, touch it, alter it.

Narrator: When all marks are finished, the narrator picks up one of the instruments and puts one final mark on the paper. All return instruments, blindfolds and lights.

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