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“Bob is depressed. He died” — From Måkopoly: “Write a 5-word story”

Måkopoly Report: from June’s Måkopoly events.

Write a 5-word story

Måkopoly.  That’s the name of the Making game. Make anything. draw. tell. write. invent. re-invent.  Roll the dice and advance to your next spot.  E.g., “Chance”, “Give Praise”, or,   “Write a  5-word story”– Oh Bob.

Chance. Chance. Praise. Chance

Photos record two Måkopoly events.  One with regular citizens, the second with the children of quasi and extreme hipsters.   Both groups lavished their attentions on the game.  of course everyone wins in Måkopoly.

Yours truly,

the Måkopoly attendant.

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