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Drawing Experiment #19: Name That Piece!

Latest Collaboration: Interpretation of Dreams

Kent's dreamcabbage dream closeup

Wacked together in fits and starts, this particular object had no name and no home. Then one day  Kent Rodriguez Segura , passing by, spotted it on the dusty shelf and realized out loud this was quite an attractive cabbage.  “What cabbage,” I said. When Mr. Merserau from next door called out, “It’s actually a frog”, I was taken aback a second time.  Nadja, meeting with me on a Dance Econ project, looked puzzled, “Isn’t that your Sagger Box?” she asked.  Perplexed, as its current existential role was “cookie jar”, “Cabbage?” I asked.  “All about context.” said Mr. Merserau, and held the object himself.  “See?” he said, “Frog.”


We all waved goodbye as Kent rolled on home, cabbage held safely in both hands. He being the one to reveal its true  identity, we all knew it was going to the best and most loving home possible.

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