© 2012 barbara.obata@gmail.com The Ever Vigilant Queequeg, gesturing "Victory!"

Drawing Experiment #16a: And Queequeg would be?…

The Ever Vigilant Queequeg, gesturing "Victory!"

The Ever Vigilant Queequeg, gesturing “Victory!”

In light of the current Cook/Bradford collaboration, giving a bit of thought to who exactly this Queequeg is/was. My only firm idea on the matter is, we should all have a Queegueg watching our back.

In this version, the ever vigilant ever loyal Queequeg, survives a cannonball through the center, at least long enough to pump a fisted victory.

Expected to be working on the George Bush Compassion Project today, with a copy of Dick Cheney’s “In My Time” for inspiration, but the old scent of the sea blew me right off track and into reveries of Queequeg.


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