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Drawing Experiment #4: Ensemble Drawing

Do this exercise with people who already draw, or who think they can draw. Need to have at least 4 people.

Find a busy spot somewhere — can be inside or outside.

One person is the model and gets in position. Others position yourselves near. You are taking a posture like a music group. Have your drawing materials ready in your hand and look to the lead person to signal the start of the “piece”. Draw “the model” for a couple of minutes.  Switch positions or switch paper and the lead person again signals to start drawing and you will draw again for a couple of minutes. Continue on for x cycles until you your drawings are “done”.

Final important instruction: this is a language-free experiment. Once the exercise begins, there is no talking.

Note: you are drawing over the top of someone else’s drawing, and drawing the new model on top of that drawing. Keep going for x minute intervals until your drawings are done. Consider discussing beforehand what kind of music you’re drawing.

12/17: Here is a video of the experiment, done as a variation.  Everyone rotated out, including the model.  Two people currently draw and the two others do not. They all drew with their non-writing hand.

Time: at least 15 minutes including setup.

bigger paper (large sketch pad size)
other drawing materials
headlamps if you need them.

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