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Drawing Experiment #17a: Icelandic Survey

This survey hopes to get a closer look at the likes and dislikes of all kinds of Icelanders, and get a few hints about day to day life. The outcome will be drawings, narrative, and sculptures that follow on this input.
Why a survey about Icelanders?  In the last decade major financial, political, and natural disaster disruptions have taken place all over the globe, but at a particularly  extreme pace there. It’s been fascinating to watch Icelanders respond swiftly and decisively to each situation. And as an American, where our responses to similar crises have been laborious, expensive, and of indeterminate outcome, I’m curious to see if we can learn something from this country and culture.

(Note: this is intended as a casual 5-minute survey so feel free to skip through and enter where you wish.  If you prefer a brief Skype call, just check “Skype yes” at the bottom, and I’ll arrange a Skype call with you. )


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