© 2011 barbara.obata@gmail.com E. Drawing Experiment #7: Subtraction of Pi +Addition of Human Hope

Drawing Experiment #7: Poll: Are We There Yet?

Some say art comes out whole — laid like an egg.  Others say art is like a steak — done to taste.  Click the pictures below and test for done-ness. Then take the poll.

Click the boxes below to indicate which work you believe is done.

[polldaddy poll=4976570]

All images were changes to the same original drawing. The original drawing (#1) was a blindfolded drawing. (See Drawing Experiment #1.)

If you would like to receive either a special powers pencil, or a secret gift, please reply in the comment area below.


  1. Sidse
    Posted January 5, 2014 at 3:19 am | #

    Wow, this is very inspiring. I am doing a drawing assignment for my exam right now and a bit stucked as I still have 30 drawings to make for the presentation – Can you explain a bit more about how you did the steps – like what method with what material? I think this could give me a push forward – thank you, from Denmark – Sis

    • barbara.obata@gmail.com
      Posted January 5, 2014 at 9:32 am | #

      Hello! This drawing experiment originally had a poll attached.

      Here were the steps:
      1. I had 2 blindfolded people draw lines on a large piece of paper (there was a long script for this with reading involved — part of a different experiment)
      2. draw over the original drawing in phases.
      3. take a photo of each phase.
      4. post an online poll including photos to ask when the picture was done.

      Also, here’s the info on the material: Lyra graphite crayon. This stuff is smudgy and soft. The different grades all seem similar. They should be cheap. Definitely a fun material and worth trying. If you can’t find that brand, try any solid large graphite stick in the fatter sizes. Cretacolor also makes a fat graphite crayon

      Try to find a sharpener big enough. Lyra makes one, but I think I had to order mine. You’ll also get some interesting marks by breaking and using the broken edge. Have fun and post me your progress!

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